Avenue Presents Recap: Influencing Through Content Creation

Influencing Through Content Creation

The topic of our second Avenue Presents conversation was “Influencing Through Content Creation.” It was such a joy for me to moderate this conversation and learn more about the influencer landscape, here in Portland and as the industry continues to explode. The three women who joined our conversation bring their own values to their digital communities, embracing themes like body and sexual positivity, authentic lifestyle content and amplification of the communities they identify with.

  1. Candace Molatore (@hey.candace)
  2. Chloe Mason (@chloealexandraxo)
  3. Shivali Kadam (@shivalikadam)

Inspiration and Takeaways from our Panelists

With Influencing on the rise and the way it takes shape evolving every day, we found this hour to be incredibly illuminating and full of authentic sharing. Although each of our panelists approaches their platform and content with a personalized lens, there were many ways they found common ground when it came to empowering their followers and negotiating partnerships.

  • Chloe: “I feel that it is so important to, especially when creating, to be authentic because how it has affected my life has deepened my connection with my community.” (00:06:30)
  • Shivali: “ …I have been really focusing on…vulnerability and really focusing on the journey versus the destination of the content I create. So often we see on social media people’s successes and their highlight reel, but we don’t talk about the steps that it took to get there…” (00:11:13)
  • Shivali: “I feel like, as women, we have often felt like we needed to fit into really tight little boxes, when in reality women are so complex and fit so many different identities and we do so seamlessly…Women can be it all, and they are.” (00:12:15)
  • Candace: “People are always looking for something interesting. Even if a topic has been talked about a million times, it hasn’t been talked about by you as a creator, knowing that you always have a unique point of view in whatever it is you decide to focus on in your content.” (00:22:32)
  • Shivali: “I really hope that that’s something we can work towards as a community, as an industry, is putting empathy first.” (00:28:20)
  • Chloe: “[Content creation] is about community. If you are not taking in a new way of viewing things or a new way of executing things then it’s hard to grow…” (00:34:08)
  • Candace: “From a creator’s standpoint, you have to be able to recharge yourself in order to show up fully, 100% for others, so you need to fill up your cup first.” (00:45:50)

What’s next!

Two panels down, two to go! We’re at the halfway mark and we’re looking forward to hosting another round of panelists in September. As mentioned, we’ll be re-focusing on “Making the Leap: Personal Journeys in Entrepreneurship,” and we can’t wait for you to see who’s on deck.



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Anna Madill

Anna Madill


CEO of Avenue, a B Corp digital marketing agency that amplifies the impact growth-minded and purpose-driven companies have in the world.