Avenue’s Countdown to 2023

Anna Madill
5 min readDec 23, 2022


All good things must come to an end and, with that, we are saying goodbye to 2022 — a monumental and foundational growth year for Avenue. Before we do, we wanted to share our top ten highlights for this year. Reflection and recognition are two practices we do well as a team and it only seemed fitting to focus our last blog post of the year on hyping up Avenue’s top ten. Read on for some fun and unique moments from our 2022 highlight reel as we countdown to the New Year.

Ready, set… 10, 9, 8…

10+ B Corp brands used by our team at home, at play and in life. As a B Corp, our team at Avenue are conscious consumers, and we love supporting our fellow Certified B Corporations any chance we get! Who are some of our go-tos? In our homes, you’ll find both local and global B Corps such as Athleta, Bigelow Tea, Dr. Bronners, Fully, GloryBee, LoveBottle, Miir, Nossa Familia Coffee, Patagonia, Patch Strips, Scout Books, Seventh Generation, Stoller Family Estate, Tillamook, Tony’s Chocolonely and Who Gives a Crap — and those are just the ones we can name off the top of our heads! Join us in our commitment to continue using Business (and our spending power) as a Force For Good.

91 NPS (Net Promoter Score), an indicator of high client satisfaction and business sustainability and growth potential. Studies have found that Digital Marketing Agencies receive an average score of 61, the benchmark for “good” is 0–30 and any score over 70 is considered “excellent.” We are proud of our score of 91, and we also know there is always room for continual improvement. We continue to seek feedback on how to do better for our clients and partners. Through our values-driven digital marketing and social media strategies and dedication to our client’s success, we love the work we do, the relationships we build and the way we do it. Thank you, Avenue clients, for being our partners!

8 Adventures in Hawaii during our team’s Annual Strategic Planning Trip. From a traditional Luau, to a boat tour along the Nepali Coast, to a day trip through Waimea Canyon, our team stayed busy exploring all that Kauai has to offer. If you’ve followed Avenue for a while now, you may know that our Annual Trips and Quarterly Outings are the team’s favorite moments together, and, getting away to a beautiful destination, is definitely the icing on the cake. Stay tuned for more details on where we’re going in 2023 to celebrate significant Avenue milestones.

7+ In-Person Events. As a 100% virtual workforce, we’re proud of the regular in-person gatherings our team consistently schedules (not including regular collaboration sessions that happen intentionally throughout the month). From Mox Boarding House, to Fullerton Wines, to Lee Farms, we are intentional about building community together, and building strong relationships amongst our team members. Our Portland community has so much to offer and we’re grateful to work and play in this beautiful city together.

6 Years Old! We celebrated Avenue’s sixth birthday this past March. With an outing to the tulip farm, a beautiful cake by The Cake Batch, and a team picnic, we had a great time recognizing how Avenue has grown into the agency it is today. Props to our CEO and Founder, Anna Madill, for founding and driving our award-winning, B Corp-certified agency.

5 Consultants supporting the Mercatus Digital Marketing Program Presented by Avenue. Through this program, we’re distributing $180,000 in grant funds to local business owners. Anna, along with four other digital marketing professionals, provide one-on-one digital marketing consulting to support each business owner’s goals and empower BIPOC entrepreneurs to grow and succeed

4 Awards or Nominations. We’re so proud of the work we do. Receiving recognition for that work as digital marketing experts and leaders in business is always an appreciated perk. This year, Avenue received four total awards and significant nominations.

3 Quarterly Panels hosted as a part of our Avenue Presents: A Values-Driven Conversation with Women and BIPOC Leaders series. This year, in an effort to continue to connect with our community, and to spotlight Women and BIPOC Business Leaders, we hosted three virtual panels. Two were focused on the theme, “Making the Leap: Personal Journeys in Entrepreneurship” and one was themed, “Influencing Through Content Creation.” We were blown away by the insight and stories our panelists shared and we’re immensely grateful for the time to learn from each and every one of them. You can catch the recordings here.

2 Holiday Weeks as a continuation of Avenue’s dedication to employee health. Currently, our team is out-of-office enjoying our Winter Holiday Week — a time to unplug, rest up and prepare for another jam-packed year! These holiday weeks have become a tradition, as a piece of Avenue’s people-first culture. Alongside these mandatory office closures, we also have unlimited PTO (with a minimum requirement) and No Meeting Fridays, in order to promote longevity and employee health.

1 for the books. We’re so grateful for our successes and even more grateful for our client partners and friends of Avenue, who continue to cheer us on! So this one’s for you. 2023 is in our sights, and we continue to look ahead in anticipation of what the New Year will bring. From a digital marketing perspective, we already have some ideas, from an organizational perspective we will continue to live our values, vision and purpose and leverage our upcoming annual and quarterly strategic planning sessions to take us to new heights.

Cheers to 2023, we’re glad you’re along for the ride!

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Anna Madill

CEO of Avenue, a B Corp digital marketing agency that amplifies the impact growth-minded and purpose-driven companies have in the world.