Building Better Business: 3 Considerations for an Inclusive Economy

  1. Anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion work are key: Three years ago, The Inclusive Economy Challenge was created to support B Corp leaders in realizing important diversity, equity and inclusion goals. B Corp leaders rose to the occasion to implement practices like increased supplier diversity, gender pay equity and hiring chronically unemployed populations. Considering the potential a company can have in dismantling white supremacy culture in the workplace is another point of reflection, action and impact that B Corps can take in continuing to build a more inclusive economy.
  2. Building coalitions and working together is necessary: As the saying goes, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We can do more together. The urgent and necessary needs of our economic and natural environments cannot be addressed by one sector alone, whether that be public, private, nonprofit, government or academic. We must work together to take the social and environmental action necessary to make the economy work for everyone and ensure the planet will be a safe and hospitable place for generations to come. Consider where your company can unite conversations, purpose and action with other B Corps and like-minded businesses to create greater change.
  3. Your actions, today, matter: No matter what your business or occupation is, your actions (or non-actions) play a part in the greater ecosystem. Not acting is a decision. In order to influence positive social and environmental change, B Corps and purpose-driven companies need to step up, take responsibility and work together to build an inclusive economy. Consider how your company might play a role in taking action today.

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Anna Madill

Anna Madill


CEO of Avenue, a B Corp digital marketing agency that amplifies the impact growth-minded and purpose-driven companies have in the world.