Leading with Values and Empathy through a Pandemic

How can we lift others up and create a workplace where we all feel safe and supported every day?

A three-part values and empathy framework

  • Build community together: Fostering meaningful connections and a sense of shared purpose with our clients, partners and peers.
  • Fearlessly do what’s right: Advocating for the best interests of our clients, partners and peers through integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • Leave it better than when you found it: Leaving a lasting impact on our clients, partners and peers through continual improvement and positive results.

Part 1: How to craft an empathetic company culture that supports and empowers employees

  • Giving the team the understanding, space and time (flexible schedule) to process difficult events like COVID, quarantine, wildfires, etc.
  • Daily huddle check-ins and gratitude to start the workday
  • Capturing and sharing the silver linings we’re experiencing in our personal lives during the pandemic with each other
  • Virtual connection points such as yoga, happy hours, lunches and backyard hangouts
  • Supportive parental leave benefits
  • 1on1 lunches with the CEO
  • Quarterly strategic planning retreats with the whole team
  • Fridays off during the summer and early leave when needed to get out of the monotony of quarantine life
  • Taking Election Day off to support voting everywhere and to take a mental health break during a historic moment

Part 2: How to craft a values-led engagement strategy to support and empower clients

  • Proactive outreach and check-ins to understand their unique challenges, including helping them to think about how to pivot, support their customers and operate differently during the pandemic
  • Providing thoughtful solutions and brainstorming sessions to address those unique challenges, often beyond our scope of marketing work together
  • Connecting for virtual coffees to know our clients personally and talk personal life, strategy, opportunities to support each other and grow as partners
  • Bringing business-level vision and strategy to our clients with long-term thinking vs. transactional thinking
  • Continuing to read up and learn our client’s industries and following the things they’re doing outside of our partnership
  • Ensuring clients know that we treat their business and success as our own, and we have their back
  • Sending clients care packages when impacted by life challenges

Part 3: How to show up as a partner to support your community

  • Finding out what matters to employees and providing ways for them to support the community through Avenue’s means
  • As a company, we support and buy from local businesses, and Avenue provides a monthly #ShopLocal stipend to all employees to allow them to support local businesses and nonprofits through Avenue
  • Doubling down as a team and company on DEI and anti-racism work and education, which is touching all facets of our business decision making and how we show up as a good neighbor
  • We collectively select a Quarterly Charity of Choice within our community to give up to $5,000 in pro bono digital marketing services and a volunteer day to
  • Walking the talk with our values
  • Board service and leadership in the community
  • As a Certified B Corporation®, we’re supporting our ecosystem of B Corps now more than ever before



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